Book Company

Authentic in appearance, our DUMMY BOOKS�  are simply the finest in
in reproduction antique faux book spines.  We are the inventors of DUMMY BOOK spines  and accessories.  Today, the term "Dummy Book" is like kleenex, but don't be fooled.  We developed the Original Faux book spines so people could design libraries with out destroying old leather antique books.  Products from the Dummy Book company have extensive applications.
Our faux book products have graced everything from television and movie studios to the finest homes, hotels, yachts and  restaurants.  We have been featured in numerous magazine and print media publications.  The creation of faux libraries, book fronted media csnters or camouflage doors are just a few applications available.  Supplied in approximately one foot sections,  to any length required, the book spines are manufactured in England from resin material which is handpainted, gilded and polished to simulate in authentic detail the look of time worn handcrafted leather books.Our essence is to allow the eye to feel that it is seeing real leather bound books.  
Since each item is completely handmade, no two are ever exactly the same,  further adding to the allure. Faux book spines come in a variety of colours, titles and various heights, which assures the effect created is realistic.  These are but a few samples of our extensive range.  You may click on any  of the images on this page for a closer look. We invite you  to take a look at our library thru our website.
Marje Fleury